If you are looking for the process of mutual divorce in kolkata, West Bengal, then you can get mutual Divorce in 7 Easy Steps: Consult and Hire a Divorce Lawyer. – Send Legal Notice seeking for a Mutual Divorce. Both Husband and Wife Sign the Mutual Divorce petition Drafted by your Lawyer. Lawyer will File the […]

Affidavit to be filed with Divorce petition under Section 13(1) of Hindu Marriage Act

IN THE COURT OF THE _____________ JUDGE AT _________ MATRIMONIAL CASE NO. __________ OF 20__  IN THE MATTER OF: MRS. WI_________                                                                PETITIONER VERSUS MR. HU __________                                                           RESPONDENT  AFFIDAVIT I, Mr. / Ms. _______________ aged _________ years, Occupation _______ the Petitioner do solemnly affirm and say as follows: 1. That I am the Petitioner in the […]


AGREEMENT FOR REFERENCE TO THREE ARBITRATORS THIS AGREEMENT is made theday ofBETWEEN AB etc., of the one part AND CD, etc., of the otherpart.WHEREAS the parties hereto have been carrying on the business; in general merchandise in thepartnership under the partnership deed dated………whereunder each party is entitled to equal share inthe profit and loss therefrom;AND […]


AGREEMENT FOR HIRE PURCHASE OF FURNITURE AN AGREEMENT made at ……………… this …….. day of ……………. ,2000, between A son of……………………… resident of ……………. (hereinafter called “the owner”) of the ONE PART and B son of………….. resident of ………………… (hereinafter referred to as “the hirer”) of the OTHER PART.IT IS HEREBY AGREED AS FOLLOWS: The […]

What are the Intellectual Property Rights For Startups

Authorized and enterprise literature like books, journals, blogs and stories, are replete with detailed writings on IP, IPR and the legal guidelines associated to that, by consultants in that area. To aim to jot down on this huge subject, with its finer nuances, on this discussion board, meant for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in-the-making, can be […]

What are the Basics of Intellectual Property Indemnification

Intellectual Property Indemnity – Generally Indemnity clauses (sometimes referred to as hold harmless clauses, indemnification agreements, or indemnity agreements) are common in agreements where one party wishes to shift certain risks to another party. In intellectual property indemnification clauses, the risk is commonly associated with patent infringement, trademark infringement, copyright infringement, trade secret misappropriation, software […]

Understanding the REAL Nature of the Wellness Concept in Intellectual Property

Introduction: What’s Wellness? As a result of the time period wellness has been used indiscriminately for many years, many have deserted it for extra generic labels (e.g., well being promotion). Others nonetheless, particularly those that embraced and utilized it many years in the past, proceed to explain wellness as a constructive way of life for […]

Can a Domain Name be Intellectual Property?

Before you understand Can a Domain Name be Intellectual Property? First Understand – What’s a Domain Name? A website name also can type the idea of e-mail addresses or file transfers. To get a trademark, an organization might want to file with America Patent and Trademark Workplace (or USPTO). It must also be checked that […]

The Fundamentals and Advantages of Industrial Design

What’s an industrial design?An industrial design is an exclusive type of patent, which is used to guard an enhancement in performance. If the innovation you are trying to accumulate safety for is rooted in improved usability quite than a visible look, you need to think about submitting a patent software in case you choose that […]