If you are looking for the process of mutual divorce in kolkata, West Bengal, then you can get mutual Divorce in 7 Easy Steps:

  1. Consult and Hire a Divorce Lawyer. –
  2. Send Legal Notice seeking for a Mutual Divorce.
  3. Both Husband and Wife Sign the Mutual Divorce petition Drafted by your Lawyer.
  4. Lawyer will File the Mutual Divorce to the Family Court.
  5. Court will give you a date for Appearance and Recording Statement.
  6. First Motion – In this date court gives a chance for reconciliation. (Following this, the couple has to wait for upto 6 months before filing the second motion.
  7. Second Motion (Final Hearing Date of Mutual Divorce) – On this day if the court satisfies with the statements of both husband and wife, and other Important Declarations like – Alimony, Maintenance, Child Custody, etc. court passes the “Decree of Divorce” it means the marriage is dissolved and you are free from a Conjugal Life.

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