In India you can get mutual Divorce in 7 Easy Steps: #

  • Consult and Hire a Divorce Lawyer. –
  • Send Legal Notice seeking for a Mutual Divorce.
  • Both Husband and Wife Sign the Mutual Divorce petition Drafted by your Lawyer.
  • Lawyer will File the Mutual Divorce to the Family Court.
  • Court will give you a date for Appearance and Recording Statement.
  • First Motion – Following this, the couple has to wait for upto 6 months before filing the second motion. However, the second motion must be submitted at least before 18 months after passing the first motion.
  • Second Motion (Final Hearing Date of Mutual Divorce) – On this day if the court satisfies with the statements of both husband and wife, and other Important Declarations like – Alimony, Maintenance, Child Custody, etc. court passes the “Decree of Divorce” it means the marriage is dissolved and you are free from a Conjugal Life.

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