What are the Intellectual Property Rights For Startups

Authorized and enterprise literature like books, journals, blogs and stories, are replete with detailed writings on IP, IPR and the legal guidelines associated to that, by consultants in that area. To aim to jot down on this huge subject, with its finer nuances, on this discussion board, meant for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in-the-making, can be […]

What are the Basics of Intellectual Property Indemnification

Intellectual Property Indemnity – Generally Indemnity clauses (sometimes referred to as hold harmless clauses, indemnification agreements, or indemnity agreements) are common in agreements where one party wishes to shift certain risks to another party. In intellectual property indemnification clauses, the risk is commonly associated with patent infringement, trademark infringement, copyright infringement, trade secret misappropriation, software […]

Understanding the REAL Nature of the Wellness Concept in Intellectual Property

Introduction: What’s Wellness? As a result of the time period wellness has been used indiscriminately for many years, many have deserted it for extra generic labels (e.g., well being promotion). Others nonetheless, particularly those that embraced and utilized it many years in the past, proceed to explain wellness as a constructive way of life for […]